Welcome Humo Jaguar, 100-percent Honduran Cigar

The award-winning Humo Jaguar, a 100-percent Honduran cigar, is the newest addition to Rockford Tinderbox/Vino100’s selection of fine cigars.

The Humo Jaguar, handmade by Nestor Plasencia, won first place this year at the annual Humo Jaguar Festival, held in Copan, Honduras. Honduran cigar manufacturers present their cigar lines and also make a special cigar for the festival. Manufacturers compete against one another with more than 200 judges smoking all the blends and selecting a winner. This year, Nestor Plasencia’s special blend won, and in honor of the award, he named his blend after the festival.

The Humo Jaguar comes to cigar smokers at a great time. Honduran tobacco is making a strong comeback in popularity. The Humo Jaguar has a complex Oscuro wrapper that, according to various cigar reviews, features hints of black pepper, chocolate, and more. The binder is from the Talanga Valley and the filler is Cuban-seed from Honduran farms. In fact, according to information from Cigars.com, the Jaguar has a Cuban-esque flavor from its 100-percent Honduran tobaccos.


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