The Chilko Experience


Thru a friend…I had the chance to learn about a very interesting couple that I would like to share. Phil and Anne Huston followed their dreams and generously shared them not only with friends and family but with our Wounded Warriors who deserve every Americans support. The first thing I learned is that they aren’t looking for recognition or financial support.. they do this for love of family and for the brave troops who provide us with the freedom we love. I have communicated with Phil and proud and honored to get to know him.

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35 Years Ago, Phil Houston dreamed of owning a piece of British Columbia’s wilderness. A place where he could go and experience the untouched wonders of nature. 20 years later Phil and is wonderful wife Anne purchased property in the Chilko Valley andsep 2012 150 hired Pioneer Log Homes to renovate the main house with thrilling results. This single Renovation led to 12 additional buildings including 7 log homes for visiting friends and family. Since 2007 he and Anne have wounded warrior project logo-no textinvited Wounded Warriors to be their guests and share their paradise. He collaborated with Janice Roznowski from Operation Comfort whose organization provides the transportation for these deserving soldiers.


2013 is the first year that the Chilko Experience is open to the public. I know we all wish him the best of luck.
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Grizzly bear hunting for salmon along the shoreline of Chilko Lake which is located in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.




23 our log homesCheck out The Chilko Experience web site and perhaps let them know their efforts are appreciated.