Subtlety Makes Tinder Box Reserve 1928 Pipe Tobacco Stand Out

The subtlety of Tinder Box’s Reserve 1928 tinned pipe tobacco makes it really stand out. It has three great things going for it, a natural sweetness, a fantastic aroma, and no aftertaste. It is the first tinned tobacco that Tinder Box put its name on in more than 80 years.

Blended by McClelland Tobacco Company, Reserve 1928 features Red and Orange Virginias, Virginia Flake, and Burley in a ribbon cut that makes it easy to pack. Strengthwise, it is called mild-to-medium; however, I found Reserve 1928 to taste more on the mild side. However, this, of course, will vary with different pipe smokers.

It was a long road to get the right blend for the Reserve 1928. Steve Glaze, vice president of Tinder Box International, worked closely with the folks at McClelland Tobacco sampling hundreds of blends before choosing this one.

In fact, we’re not the only ones that think Reserve 1928 is great. In an online review, Pipes and Tobacco Magazine describes Reserve 1928 as a “a cool, dry smoke with a light pleasing aroma,” and gives it a “highly recommended” rating. The review also said that Reserve 1928 has a “fantastic relight and burns to a nice clean ash.” Tinder Box’s Reserve 1928 sells for $14.50 at your Rockford Tinder Box/Vino 100.

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