Restoring Over-humidified or Dried-out Cigars

If You Have Over-humidified Cigars…
When your humidor becomes too humid (75 percent humidity or above), that intense humidity will release a tobacco beetle that can quickly bore holes through cigars, which can occur when the humidor maintains a temperature above 75 degrees for more than 24 hours. If this happens, freeze the contaminated cigars for 48 hours. Then, thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours before returning them to your humidor. The beetles and their larvae will not survive. Wipe down your humidor with distilled water on a damp sponge or cloth before returning cigars.
If You Have Dried Out Cigars…
Many times when cigars get too dry, they have to be thrown out. However, some cigars that become too dry can be reconditioned through weeks in a well-maintained humidor. Keep in mind that the cigars won’t be new again, but they will be smokeable. It takes patience, so don’t be in a hurry. Over several weeks, gradually move the dry cigars from the outer corners of your humidor to the center, or keep the dried out cigars in a plastic bag with a water pillow or cigar humidification device. Make sure either is proportional to the bag and the number of cigars you’re trying to re-humidify.
As you know, a cigar is multi-layered with the filler, binder, and wrapper leaves. According to Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar 101, if a cigar is in a very humid environment and then removed from that environment, the outside layers dry and shrink while the inside remains humid and swollen, resulting in the cigar splitting. Also, don’t ever:
• Put cigars in the bathroom and run the shower until the hot water gives out;
• Steam them in the upper rack of a dishwasher; or
• Try to steam them in the at the health club.

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