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ecigarking3As many of you know we have been selling E-Cigarettes for several years and although it’s not a major portion of our business it is growing. I was introduced to E-Cigar King about 2 weeks ago and decided to test it out. If you are a cigar smoker you already know it is becoming more and more difficult to find a place to relax and enjoy a cigar. I was skeptical if one of these devices could deliver the flavor I was looking for when I wanted a cigar and had no place to smoke it.

Electronic Cigars

Electronic Cigars

Well… It in fact it does have that flavor profile. There are 3 different cartomizers that come with the Starter Kit.. Cubana Blend, Ligero and a Maduro.
The Starter Kit also comes with the Battery(1300mAh) the 3 prefilled cartomizers, a USB Wall Adapter, a charging cord and a USP Car Adapter. In 2 weeks of use I have not needed to recharge the battery and the cartomizer (Cubano Blend) is still not empty. I did take it off so I could try the Ligero which is slightly milder. The starter kit is 149.95 and you have 2 choices eck-prefilled-cubanaonce your catromizers are empty. You can purchase more cartomizers (17.95 ea) or purchase the E-Liquid (24.00_ 30 ML)) and refill your empty cartomizer. I am also impressed with the quality of this product. The rubber tip on the cartomizer makes it feel somewhat like a cigar and a battery charge lasts a long time. eck--ligero-e-liquid-1
So the next time you want a cigar and no where to smoke… This is for you.

One more thing….. Yes, I would prefer a cigar however, this satisfied my craving.

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