CAO Concert

CAO Concert

Size:  Roadie – 5 ½ x 54
Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Rosado
Binder:  Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler:  Nicaraguan & Honduran

The tagline for the CAO Concert is “Perfect Harmony.”  I figured these were just words picked to fit the theme.  They were not.  This cigar manages an incredible blend of strength and subtlety, of chunky and creamy, and of sweet and spicy.

The cigar smokes very well.  The draw is just right.  The ash is a light gray color and holds on tight.  Any my favorite part of how it smokes is how evenly it burned.  It burned so well, that I never felt the slightest inclination to check for a runner.

As to the flavor of the cigar, it starts with peppery, hickory draw with a little bit of chunk to it.  Sometime around the 1 ½ inch mark, each draw smoothes the chunkiness out until you get to 2 inches and you’d have no idea that this cigar had been anything but creamy.
Along with the creaminess, there was a subtle change from peppery to sweet.  This kind of a change usually causes an awkward transition, but CAO has built a cigar that isn’t hindered by transition, it thrives on it.
Getting down to the last third of the cigar, the smoke stays smooth, but the spices come back and the strength of the Concert comes out.

A solid smoke from warm up to finale that will have you coming back for an encore!

The Concert series also comes in Amp (5 ½ x 46), Solo (5 ½ x 50), and Stage (5 ½ x 60) sizes.

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