Avo Cigars

Avo Signature

As unmistakable as the signature of the cigar artist AVO Uvezian is the jazz musician’s Signature series. In March 2001, the musician, composer and cigar aficionado Avo Uvezian celebrated his 75th birthday. To mark this event, the limited edition AVO 75thAnniversary cigar was created. In order to fulfill the frequently expressed request of passionate aficionados for a series with an AVO 75thAnniversary blend, Avo Uvezian created the AVO Signature series.

The blend used for this series is based on the basic blend of the Anniversary, but was adapted to the new formats. The special “sun-grown” wrapper from Ecuador was fermented several times in the Dominican Republic. The filler consists of select tobaccos from the Cibao Valley. Thanks to the high proportion of Ligero tobaccos, the three formats are robustly flavoured. As with all AVOs, the strength is harmoniously balanced with the aroma.

AVO Heritage

The AVO Heritage blend contains a particularly high proportion of Ligero tobaccos and therefore develops a strong character and corresponds with the spicy tobaccos of the classic AVO product line.



Although actually a mild cigar, the AVO XO unfolds a pleasant, medium-strength aroma.


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