Nestor Miranda 70th Birthday Cigars

nest11Nestor Miranda, a dear friend and one of the most interesting men in the Cigar Industry is celebrating his 70th Birthday on February 14th and is doing it in a first class way. Only a few of us will have the chance to own a box of the Nestor Miranda 70th Birthday Cigars. The Box commemorates his favorite car, on the top of the box and 12 of his favorite shape cigar, the lancero, IMG_4848inside.These are very special cigars made for a very special guy. 6 lancero cigars from La Aurora Cigar Company and 6 lancero cigars from My Father Factory. Our allocation is likely to be sold out very quickly so be one of the lucky few.

$210.00 a box.

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Mike Ditka Cigars















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Newminster English Luxus

English Luxus

This has nice pouch scent which is NOT English.  The Latakia was added very lightly.  This does not remind me of other English blends.  The dominant flavor comes from the Virginia and the body is definitely Burley.  I think the Virginias make it burn hot.  It bit me but it probably won’t bite others.  It has a nice finish.

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Newminster Ultimate English

Ultimate English

This is probably the replacement for Proper English, of which I have smoked pounds and pounds.  The cut is larger, nearly a ribbon, and there is a higher Latakia content, making this a fuller bodied smoke, but still without bite.  The oriental content is noticeably lower, though, so this doesn’t have the zip of Proper English.

English blends are in a crowded field.  You offer MacBaren’s Vintage Syrian, which is exceptional.  I don’t know the Lane offering.  Ultimate English does not stand out enough to recommend it very highly, but it is a fine English blend.

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CAO Concert

CAO Concert

Size:  Roadie – 5 ½ x 54
Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Rosado
Binder:  Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler:  Nicaraguan & Honduran

The tagline for the CAO Concert is “Perfect Harmony.”  I figured these were just words picked to fit the theme.  They were not.  This cigar manages an incredible blend of strength and subtlety, of chunky and creamy, and of sweet and spicy.

The cigar smokes very well.  The draw is just right.  The ash is a light gray color and holds on tight.  Any my favorite part of how it smokes is how evenly it burned.  It burned so well, that I never felt the slightest inclination to check for a runner.

As to the flavor of the cigar, it starts with peppery, hickory draw with a little bit of chunk to it.  Sometime around the 1 ½ inch mark, each draw smoothes the chunkiness out until you get to 2 inches and you’d have no idea that this cigar had been anything but creamy.
Along with the creaminess, there was a subtle change from peppery to sweet.  This kind of a change usually causes an awkward transition, but CAO has built a cigar that isn’t hindered by transition, it thrives on it.
Getting down to the last third of the cigar, the smoke stays smooth, but the spices come back and the strength of the Concert comes out.

A solid smoke from warm up to finale that will have you coming back for an encore!

The Concert series also comes in Amp (5 ½ x 46), Solo (5 ½ x 50), and Stage (5 ½ x 60) sizes.

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Aging Room Quattro (Small Batch F55)

Aging Room Quattro (Small Batch F55)

Size:  Maestro – 6×52” Torpedo
Wrapper:  Indonesian Sumatra
Binder:  Dominican Habano
Filler:  Dominican Habano

This small batch, box pressed cigar is a limited run gem.  Only 300,000 to 400,000 were wrapped due to the limited amount of 9-year-old Indonesian wrapper that was available.

I found the Quattro to be a medium bodied cigar that leaned a little toward the light side of the scale.  The best single word to describe this cigar is ‘constant’.  The wrapper burns evenly.  The ash is solid.  Plenty of creamy smoke is produced from a moderate draw.  Happily, constant doesn’t translate to boring, with the Indonesian wrapper providing an exciting change of pace from your everyday cigar.

The Quattro also comes in Concerto (7×50) and Espressivo (5×50) sizes.

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Fernando Leon Family Reserve by La Aurora

La Aurora Fernando Leon Family Reserve

Wrapper:  Dominican Corojo
Binder:  Dominican Corojo
Filler:  Peruvian, Brazilian, Dominican

The Fernando Leon Family Reserve is one of those cigars that, just by its appearance, begs to be roasted.  The rich, brown Corojo wrapper is mostly smooth with a couple strong veins tracing their way up one side that make it satisfying just to roll it around between your fingers.

Smoking this cigar started out uncomplicated: a smooth draw, a simple flavor profile that relied heavily on earth and cedar, and a moderate grayish smoke that liked to linger. As I got into the cigar, it maintained its smooth draw and started to develop into a more complex profile with bits of spice and citrus starting to peek through the cedar. The last couple inches got stronger, but just enough that it was noticeable and kept the cigar interesting.

The saying that ‘appearances can be deceiving’ does not hold true with this cigar.  Just as it looks, this cigar is a thoroughly satisfying and interesting smoke from start to finish.

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Manday at Franchesco’s

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Avo Cigars

Avo Signature

As unmistakable as the signature of the cigar artist AVO Uvezian is the jazz musician’s Signature series. In March 2001, the musician, composer and cigar aficionado Avo Uvezian celebrated his 75th birthday. To mark this event, the limited edition AVO 75thAnniversary cigar was created. In order to fulfill the frequently expressed request of passionate aficionados for a series with an AVO 75thAnniversary blend, Avo Uvezian created the AVO Signature series.

The blend used for this series is based on the basic blend of the Anniversary, but was adapted to the new formats. The special “sun-grown” wrapper from Ecuador was fermented several times in the Dominican Republic. The filler consists of select tobaccos from the Cibao Valley. Thanks to the high proportion of Ligero tobaccos, the three formats are robustly flavoured. As with all AVOs, the strength is harmoniously balanced with the aroma.

AVO Heritage

The AVO Heritage blend contains a particularly high proportion of Ligero tobaccos and therefore develops a strong character and corresponds with the spicy tobaccos of the classic AVO product line.



Although actually a mild cigar, the AVO XO unfolds a pleasant, medium-strength aroma.


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New Gurkha Cigars

New Gurkha Cigars

We have carried the Ghurka line of fine cigars in the past. We now add three exclusive new Ghurkas to our fine cigar lineup.

Wicked Indie – Value Priced.. this 5.5 X 52 all-Nicaraguan cigar has a three-year-old Nicaraguan filler, a rich, complex taste, and a sweet spicy, nutty finish.

Royal Challenge  – This mild-to-medium-bodied cigar features an aged Connecticut/Ecuadoran shade wrapper, a Habano Honduran binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Sizes include the Robusto (5 X 52), the Torpedo (6.5 X 52), and the XO (6 X 54)

Seduction – A medium-bodied cigar with an Ecuardorian Habano wrapper, the Seduction includes a Dominican Olor binder, and Columbian Corojo filler. Sizes include the Gran Robusto (5 X 52), the Toro (6 X 52), and the XO (6 X 54)

Cellar Reserve – A real top-shelf smoke, this complex medium-to-full-body cigar features 15-year aged tobacco with a 1998 Criollo wrapper, an aged Dominican Olor binder, and a 15-year-old Dominican filler. Sizes in the Cellar Reserve include the Solaro (5 X 60),the Kracken (6 X 60), and the Prisoner (7 X 54).

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