Aging Room Quattro (Small Batch F55)

Aging Room Quattro (Small Batch F55)

Size:  Maestro – 6×52” Torpedo
Wrapper:  Indonesian Sumatra
Binder:  Dominican Habano
Filler:  Dominican Habano

This small batch, box pressed cigar is a limited run gem.  Only 300,000 to 400,000 were wrapped due to the limited amount of 9-year-old Indonesian wrapper that was available.

I found the Quattro to be a medium bodied cigar that leaned a little toward the light side of the scale.  The best single word to describe this cigar is ‘constant’.  The wrapper burns evenly.  The ash is solid.  Plenty of creamy smoke is produced from a moderate draw.  Happily, constant doesn’t translate to boring, with the Indonesian wrapper providing an exciting change of pace from your everyday cigar.

The Quattro also comes in Concerto (7×50) and Espressivo (5×50) sizes.

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